WiFiRanger 4.0G Firmware Preview

WiFiRanger 4.0.G Screen Shots (coming soon)

Main Control Panel Re-Orged for cleaner view.

One click buttons for every backhaul

Wireless Tab is similar to the previous versions.

New Redundancy tab allows setting checking internet status and preferred failover order for monitored failures.     Unit will email of failed connections for corporate use.

New Preferences Tab allows better control of how the WiFIRanger boots, ranges, and re-directs the users browsers.

New Drone Tab sets IP address and username/password for the WAN connected drone.   The Portal link launches a new window connected to the Drones Administration page.

Advanced has no changes.

The WiFiRanger Pro will be shipping Feb 2011

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WiFiRanger Pro

WiFiRanger.com Announces 3/4G Business Continuity Full Meshing Router


New SOHO business router offers 3/4G Cellular and Public WiFi failover support, with advanced features for businesses including simple meshing for covering larger locations, Public WiFi ability, and a comprehensive Management Portal for multi-site deployments.

CALDWELL, ID – January 12th, 2011 – WiFiRanger.com today announced availability of the WiFiRanger Pro, a new business continuity router designed for SOHO, and multiple site deployments offering advanced features not previously available within redundant backhaul routers.

“The WiFiRanger Pro delivers a cost effective way for businesses to ensure connectivity under a failure of traditional land based Internet circuits. Within seconds of a DSL or Cable failure, the WiFiRanger Pro will re-establish an Internet connection via either a 3/4G modem, or connect onto Public WiFi and allow the business to continue operation un-interrupted.” stated Kelly Hogan, CEO and Founder of WiFiRanger.com

The WiFiRanger Pro is an advanced 802.11bgn router offering simple setup, private WPA encrypted network, 4 port LAN switch, WAN connection, and a USB port for 3/4G modems. The default operation out of the box will fail over to an inserted USB modem under any WAN failure. The router also includes advanced features not offered by competitive products including simple meshing of multiple WiFIRanger Pros – allowing simple extension of the private wireless and LAN networks, a “Public WiFi” offering with a customizable welcome page and separate authentication, and a comprehensive multi-site Management Portal for large chains or multi-site deployments.

If utilized, the management portal provides corporate IT with extremely valuable tools for managing the remote locations. These include comprehensive bandwidth management, usage data, conduits – an ability for corporate IT to reach any device on the private network at a location, without VPN or complex port forwarding, and setting up a Public WiFi network for customer use with highly customizable content.

“With the WiFiRanger Pro, any sized business can now afford a redundant, advanced router providing failover, Public WiFi, and meshing capabilities normally only available with expensive, complex solutions.” Hogan continued.

The WiFiRanger Pro sells for $129.95 with availability Feb 1st, 2011

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